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Jan Hendez
Geeky Cave EP

Geeky Cave EP
Geeky Cave EPGeeky Cave EPGeeky Cave EPGeeky Cave EP






1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP



Release date

Jan 1, 2018

Media: VG+i
Sleeve: VG+


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Le Loup Equation Mix

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Maurice Fulton is responsible for some of the zaniest electronic dance music around (the guy's married to Mu forchristsakes), but what makes him so on point in his Syclops guise is that he manages to balance his skewed sensibilities with damn good grooves. 'Where's Jason's K' is definitely the most blunt Syclops release so far because it's basically an inspired and stupidly addictive bassline for most of the track's six and a bit minutes. In the middle there's a crescendo of floaty effects, weird shit and an electronic organ all reminiscent of ‘70s funk wigouts, but 'K' is all about wilfully being hammered by bassline.Fulton indulges himself more on 'Monkey Puss' and the result is, inevitably, unhinged. 'Puss' is more raw than 'K', opening with what sounds like a feral ZX Spectrum being tortured. The beats are a bit minimal, a bit acid house, a bit early ‘90s house and a bit of something else that's rotten, bad and shouldn't be put on record. The back end does sound similar to previous single 'Mom, The Video Broke' but instead of yelps at the end of every fourth bar it sounds like he's stabbing his equipment to death and recording it.This is one of the freshest records to come out this year so far. A Syclops album is due out soon but as 'Monkey Puss' won't be on it you should definitely check this.
Two incredible tracks from the man like Model (Intelligent Minds, Abstrakt Mindz, Liquid & Model & HLS).Both produced in 1995, and previously unreleased, these tracks are true unearthed gems of the atmospheric jungle genre.On the ‘A’ side is ‘Jupiter’, an epic, ethereal track – featuring beautifully blissed-out atmospherics and razor-sharp drum work, sit back and prepare to be taken on a journey though the clouds…Turning to the ‘B’ side we find ‘Surroundingz’, clocking in at over 9 minutes this has a slightly darker vibe – with haunting pads woven into it’s fabric of complex breaks. Pressed on 12″ black vinyl, and complete with full colour sleeve designed by Model himself.
If your new EP has already been getting dropped by top dogs like Upsammy, Batu, Call Super, Ben Ufo and Bruce, you know it's a winner. And that's exactly what Lurka's first release on his brand new Make Your On Meaning label is - four tracks of red hot and brilliantly weird minimal. 'Powers' is razor-sharp hi-hats cutting up a scintillatingly smooth and militant tech house groove. 'Re Speak' has jumbled percussion and more wonky rhythms while 'String' layers up toms, tin pot hits, clattering sound effects and an undulating liquid baseline into something super seductive. The closer 'Mystick Crystal' is the busiest of the lot with its densely layered sound fx and samples underpinned by minimal funk.