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Independent record store since 1994. We buy/sell/trade new & second-hand vinyl, CD's, tapes and DVD's. From bargains to rare. Originally specialized in second-hand underground Electronic Dance Music.

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Odopt have been responsible for some serious, sinewy heaters on labels like Born Free, 777 and Discos Capablanca. That should give you some idea of the kind of sonic sphere they operate in - rugged hardware house with a wavey bite and a playful instinct. It makes total sense then to see them sidle up to [Emotional] Especial with this four-tracker of surefooted deviant dance. 'A14' opens up proceedings on an ominous bassline and plenty of mechanical grind, while 'Keylat' jacks things up a smidge while resolutely wallowing in the muck of Odopt's studio practices. 'Sample Commerce Shot' is the catchiest cut on the record, riding a slinky beat and featuring a powerful lead hook that sounds beamed in from somewhere in a distant galaxy. 'Holy Motor$' finishes the record off on another brooding, death disco groover, bringing things full circle with the nocturnal offerings of 'A14'.
Following a great one by local veteran Jason Hodges, the third vinyl release on Demuir's Toronto-based label Purveyour Underground Limited presents a brilliant two-tracker by Detroit legend Rick Wade. On side A, there's the sublime Detroit Beatdown vibe of 'Can't Be Beat' with positive vibes abound, followed over on the flip by the dreamy Sunday afternoon feels of 'Soldier's Story' that's perfect for those eyes-closed moments on the dancefloor.
The Botanic Minds stable continue to inject the vague framework of minimal club music with some colour and sass with this excellent EP from Romanian mainstay Sepp. 'Fluturul' is a perfect 10-minute escapade with a seriously funky bassline and dreamy but snappy melodic hooks on top to carry you away in a reverie of sunkissed psychedelia. 'Vulturul' takes things in a deeper direction without losing the panache and personality that made the A side a winner. 'Si Gaita' seals the deal with a sundown delight that weaves together more of those interlocking melodic lines to get bodies shaking in an effortless, day-into-night fashion that spells out a long and fruity session ahead.
Akio Nagase is a well known acid specialist from Osaka and now he is back on the (Emotional) Especial label with a second offering of 303-infused world music. His last offering was an Asian orientated EP, but here it is ethno-inspired dance from Africa that provides the stylistic overtones. First up, 'Acid Maasai Collecthiv' sets the scene with TB 303 weaving around dub heavy bass then 'Morisyen Acid' is more ethereal with Mauritian samples that really uplift. 'Serengeti Acid' find the 808 and 303 in harmony and closer 'Jua' interweaves the fabric of life with a psychedelic beat design to bring people together and dance.
The ever reliable Constant Sound is back this week, with Burnski's imprint serving up a full LP release by the ascendant Leeds DJ/producer Matthew Farrow aka Kepler. A solid selection of retro techno cuts are featured on Freedom Mills, and all for maximum dance floor impact. From the bleep techno euphoria of 'Fold', or the classic '90s house motifs of "Contact" to the dusty rolling beats of 'Professor Pace' and the sunset breaks of "Era" - they are all sure to bang the party. Tip!
House with an extra dose of crispy high-end from DJ Aakmael, who has haunted the saucier ends of the Chicago house scene since the mid 1990s. Aakmael is a mysterious entity, and can be ghost-spotted behind any solid pair of decks on a rainy night. 'Deep Cookie' harkens after a forgotten platonic form of house, in which East Asian synths and 808 claps collide compellingly. Meanwhile, '4ever' rounds off the B-side; it's a diggers' delight with a near-UK feel and mystical vocals and sax, recalling recent tunes this side of the pond by Ben Hauke.
When he's not dishing out breaks-y garage and slick retro-future electro, Burnski still finds time to exercise his decades deep prowess in the art of tech house. On this new drop for Constant Sound he's clearly having a lot of fun sculpting a hefty, big room sound with Ibiza in its sights. 'Trigger' hinges around an epic breakdown-build up which goes off like a rocket when it drops, swinging with glee and leaning in on playful synth licks. 'Go' is an absolute monster too, which nods to Burnski's recent UKG explorations with some rough bass and a killer 4x4 groove. If you want to do some damage in the dance in the classiest of ways, look no further.

New Slipmats

KEEP THE GROOVE ALIVE with a pair of two slipmats included in this item !
KEEP THE GROOVE ALIVE with a pair of two slipmats included in this item !
KEEP THE GROOVE ALIVE with a pair of two slipmats included in this item !
KEEP THE GROOVE ALIVE with a pair of two slipmats included in this item !
KEEP THE GROOVE ALIVE with a pair of two slipmats included in this item !
KEEP THE GROOVE ALIVE with a pair of two slipmats included in this item !
Music as Life ! Two slipmats included in this item
Two slipmats included in this item
Pair of two slipmats included in this item
Two slipmats included in this item

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