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S V1 / Chic




1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Single



Release date

Aug 1, 2020

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: NM or M-


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Peter Elflein - S V1


Schneider & Radecki - Chic

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Especial Specials and Chillmountain Recordings present the 2nd EP in the Enjoy Your Self EP, diving deeper into the Osaka based labels music to showcase their roster in detail.The EP starts with label head, Ground’s mesmerising Beatdown meets Trance inducing Utau Narukoyuri. A slow burning, late night trip out for deep parties or ‘afters’.Next, Especial ‘favourite’ Akio Nagase appears for the first time in the series with the heavy, tribal percussives of Arauma (Kobato Dub). The original link between the Chillmountain and Especial, Akio’s name is on the rise and here the heavyweight dub basslines and ethereal, new age flute is perfect for late night dark room, psychedelic adventures.The label’s collaborative approach shines as Equador duo Josefina Gandara and Juan Diego Illescas are welcomed. Members of electronic cumbia project, Categal, his backgrounds in film and sound composition, sound design and visual media, highlights Illescas’ mastery of the conscious sounds of the pueblos, working with Ground’s dub minimalism, all elevated with the awe and lanquitidy of Gandara’s natural vocals.To end Akira Arasawa returns, here with Kun and Franky-Ch, and a meandering Balearic journey of hazy beats, guitar, Hoomii (Mongolian) throat singing, found sound, bird song and folkloric strings, beautifully together for the perfect come down.
'Great Many Arrows' is the 6th studio album from Damien Dubrovnik, the Danish duo of Loke Rahbek and Christian Stadsgaard. It is also the 200th release on their Posh Isolation label, marking 8 years for both the label and project. The label's inception came with Damien Dubrovnik's debut album, and since then the two have been inseparable. Without Damien Dubrovnik there would most likely have been no Posh Isolation, and vice versa.'Great Many Arrows' is undoubtedly a high point in the varied discographies of both Rahbek and Stadsgaard. It is the most realized Damien Dubrovnik recording to date, and a standout in Posh Isolation's troves.As a record, 'Great Many Arrows' manages to translate the intensity of the duo's often unrestrained live shows in to carefully crafted studio productions. Unlike the pair's earlier and largely electronic recordings, the compositions on 'Great Many Arrows' set organs, cellos, violas, wind and other acoustic instruments against the backdrop of an electronic landscape.The new toolset is as apparent on the surface as it is in the enclosed detail, taking the project further from its noise roots than it has ever been. This is not to say that Rahbek and Stadsgaard have traded ferocity for formal constraint. It is rather the opposite. While 'Great Many Arrows' is certainly the pair's most 'musical' work to date, its veneer of accessibility might also make it their most terrifying.The strength of the recording lies here in the interaction between the melodic, acoustic instrumentation and the bulldozing electronics. Moments of beauty and light are transfigured into utter chaos and rage, the mesmerising change an expression of the equal and opposite form's natural sway as it beckons and slips between its own passing.'Great Many Arrows' takes its name from a historic archery competition in Kyoto, Japan, in which archers would shoot as many arrows as possible for a 24 hour period. On April 26, 1686, Wasa Daihachiro from Kishū successfully shot 8,133 out of 13,053 arrows, averaging 544 arrows an hour, or 9 arrows a minute, becoming the record holder.
黒舌is the sign of sickness and defiancethe result of poison and painthe laughing in the face of deaththe willingness to fight til your last breaththe bravery when nothing is left
20/20 Vision are back with another stellar compilation of blistering new talent unearthed and curated by Luther Vine. FOR04 kicks off with a contribution from the London based duo, Kassian. Joe & Warren’s partnership is both prolific and diverse. Over a short period of time, they’ve amassed an impressive back catalogue with in-demand releases on labels such as Phonica White, Heist and their own imprint Faux Poly. Never the ones to rest on their laurels, they continue to quest for the new cutting-edge sound and deliver it here with a track titled ‘Parallel’. It is an elastic minimalist driven groover, that mergers a perfect proportion of acid synth lines with taut drum workout. The end result is sure to keep your locked in on that dance floor. Next up we have Casey Spillman with aptly titled ‘Full Circle’. In a short period of time Casey’s distinct groove laden output has landed him with releases on Fuse, Constant Sound and Locus to name but a few. For some who know their labels that list alone is enough to provoke an involuntary movement in the extremities. Wait till you make the ‘Full Circle’! The groove here is locked in the well pronounced ringing drum shuffle and is accentuated by the opaque yet dreamy dubbed out chords and scattered vocal chops. Add a freight train of a baseline provided in the mix and you can guaranty a healthy rumble on the dance floor. Flip and awe! ‘Hour Glass’ is a bomb of rare dance floor destructive power. Crafted by the label’s curator Luther Vine and modular wizard Gregorio Soave, prior to its release on wax ‘Hour Glass’ has been tested as a secret weapon on most main & unsuspecting dance floors of UK’s capital. The result is consistently spectacular. Right from the start the dubbed up relentless moogy bassline aims for the jugular and takes you on a hypnotic bender of a trip. Cosmic synth licks, swinging drum saults and deep pulsating chord stabs all aid the journey to that night’s elusive climax.FOR004 waves goodbye with a fresh collaboration from East London’s finest, Thoma Bulwer and the esteemed Fabric resident, Anna Wall. ‘Spontaneity’ is an emotive, bittersweet deep house gem. With sparking synth lines, weighty 909 kicks swinging down low, and glistening euphoric modulating pads, this number is designed to bid you goodbye on a romantic, positive note and fill you up with optimism until we meet again for a new instalment of Fragments of Reality.
Nimbus are three chaps originally from the house music epicentre of Woking, England. In the early 2000s, Oli, Jonathan and Pete carted a gigantic Dell computer between each other's houses to craft a modest but timeless back catalogue of deep and emotional tracks. Their music was featured on European labels Bitboutique and the excellent Iron Box Music at the time; of which 'Entron' a particularly shining example of their sound, only recently gained notoriety amongst a number of discerning DJs. For Those That Knoe is proud to present a sonic snapshot of those times the lads spent in the home counties with three previously released cuts from the aforementioned labels and one taken from their unreleased archives.