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Let's Start II Dance Again / Let's Start The Dance (Remix) / Let's Start The Dance III

Let's Start II Dance Again / Let's Start The Dance (Remix) / Let's Start The Dance III
Let's Start II Dance Again / Let's Start The Dance (Remix) / Let's Start The Dance IIILet's Start II Dance Again / Let's Start The Dance (Remix) / Let's Start The Dance III








1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Reissue



Release date

Jul 21, 2021



Bohannon was an American disco producer who sadly passed away last year. The Georgia native moved to Detroit in the early '60s, collaborating with Stevie Wonder and producing live arrangements for all Motown's top acts. He decided to remain in the Motor City when the label relocated to Los Angeles in the '70s, forming his own band and releasing 21 albums between 1973 and 1990. 1981's 'Let's Start II Dance Again' feat. Dr. Perri Johnson is one of his greatest known hits which receives a worthy repress here on Canada's Unidisc, featuring the original version and remix on the A side, followed on the flip with an instrumental club and vocal version.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: NM or M-


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Let's Start II Dance Again



Let's Start The Dance (Remix)



Let's Start The Dance III (Instrumental Club)



Let's Start The Dance III (Vocal)


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