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So Confused

So Confused




1x Vinyl 12" EP



Release date

Mar 4, 2022

Detroit/Chicago and odd techno/house sounds influenced French producers Marius Cyrilou (Cyril Martin) and Popodi Venturi (Olivier Azémar) come back with a new banging crossover project called MOTORBREMSEN.

Marius and Popodi already had many digital and vinyl releases on various labels like People Potential Unlimited records, Omega Supreme Records, Outrun records and on their own labels, La Maison Venturi, Bazaar Records under the names of Spaced Out Krew, The Ceeofunk Band or Westbrook (and many others more).

This 5 tracks EP released on vinyl gathers many influences such as Theo Parrish, Moodymann (SO CONFUSED) or Drexciya-n sounds (SANCTUARY). Some deep and dark bassy house mood close this ep (HUMAN FREAKS , RIDING OVER THE DARKNESS). The marvellous voice of Mae Rojas (The Ceeofunk Band) comes with a sensual touch on the track TIGER PREY.

This EP gives an instant deep feeling of a happy-to-sad mood, with mysterious and sexy moments.

So confused:
Don’t be confused, this is music to drive-by in the hood with your low-rider. Gangsta boogie house at his climax for fans of Moodymann, Theo Parrish and all the raw house music mood.

Tiger prey:
With the help of Mae Rojas (Cee-O-Funk Band) on the mic, Motorbremsen keep pushing their unique vision of house music : soulful but raw, relaxed but not so slow, catchy but weird at the same time.

Let’s get on an electro funk territory here. The guys explore a sound that can be rooted in seminal Arthur Baker’s productions and Drexciya’s mood but this a strong psychedelic feeling that is truly unique. All this comes with the special Motorbremsen’s touch of course. One for the B-Boys on acid...

Riding over the darkness:
Get in the D’s train for a cruise. Laidback house with a monstrous bass and this almost G-Funk feeling. Hmmmm… delicious ! One for the lovers…

Let get a bit darker. What begins like a bumpy beat get you little by little in real moody trip in a hot warehouse. Detroit techno muscular funk infused inna 2022 style (by two guys who never listen a Transmat record of their lifes).

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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So Confused



Tiger Prey (Radio Edit)






Riding Over The Darkness



Human Freaks


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