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Life Love Dance

Life Love Dance
Life Love DanceLife Love DanceLife Love Dance




LER 1032 MS09


1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Jan 1, 2023



Left Ear Records and Mixed Signals team up again to refresh LITIA=LOE’s mid-90s album Life Love Dance. On this timeless release, the group channel the golden age of Nu Groove, foundational Warp releases, and the Ibiza days of New Order, all rooted in a uniquely Chicago sound.

Five years after their EBM-tinged cerebral house anthem “Each Dawn Every Dawn”, the Litia~Loe (Life In The Insane Asylum = Life On Earth) crew dropped a lush album of wider proportion — six songs that feel more mature, more confident. Yet, despite this cultivated style, they continue to maintain the distinctive jest of their first outing. Grant, Leon, and Simeon’s new approach was more exploratory, traversing adventurous channels of pop, wave, IDM, and house. Not only are the songs more varied, but the growth of the trio’s technical skills are apparent. These songs feel more considered, like they have been refined over time, given just the right amount of polish without losing the ecstatic rawness that gives them breath and bounce.

“The Rush” follows the crooked path that was featured in their first single, with a vocal performance that maintains a murky half-singing half-spoken-word opacity; the optimistic lyrics juxtaposed with sinister synthetic strings. “Whisper To Me” demonstrates a new side to the group which shows their ability to break from an orthodox house sound and highlights their pop sensibilities with a narcotic Depeche Mode-ish bassline. “Peep Show” reveals a mellower mode, drenched in euphoric echo and sensuous synth pads. Also featured on this reissue is an unreleased CD instrumental “First World” having its first ever vinyl release.

Life Love Dance captures the sound of primetime Chicago melodic house music, but offers something more expansive. Uninhibited by the borders of genre, the trio took a more inclusive approach to their music, which catalyzed in a playful and peerless production style which makes their work stand out from the droves of generic dance records from that era.

LIFE, LOVE, DANCE was CONCEIVED solely for the dance community worldwide. It is filled with songs of romance and observations on the spiritual and physical side of love while simmering with a social consciousness throughout. It is music for the soul filled with metaphors of truths and reasons. “Our music is healing it provides hope and inspiration.” A lot of the LP was written spontaneously as we jammed. One of us would come up with a vibe. The others would add their particular flavor to it until we put it all together.

Our music is spiritual. We are asking the listener to look inside for peace and outside for answers. We are exploring music through our heritage and culture. There lies the beginning of understanding. if we water the seeds that were planted before us strong trees will grow in our foundation.”


LITIA=LOE (Li-tee-ah-loe) Is synonymous with the unusual. A movement which absorbs the very essence of life itself. Creating culturally diverse music that is unique, startling and progressively compelling. It’s roots lie in Chicago and consist of three ambitious young musicians who play music of the mind, soul and spirit, dedicated to guiding the listener to a higher consciousness.

LITIA=LOE formed in the summer of 1986. The band members met at Ray College Of Design where they majored in Communication Design. They also love fashion which is a major part of their image. Mixed Signals / Left Ear Records 4 From art came their extension of love for music which they shared. “We all partied at the same clubs, Frankie Knuckle’s famous POWERPLANT where he put everybody up on the hottest Crispy Disco and Ron Hardy’s hardcore dance palace the MUSIC BOX. Ron Hardy would work the turntables so hard your body would be on fire from dancing.

"We like to party at the clubs that cater to the serious underground crowd.” The band members were taught briefly under the tutelage of LaFayette Leake. (He was a session keyboardist for many of the blues great such as Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters and Memphis Slim). He also backed many of today’s stars. LaFayette taught us that music can be learned at any stage in life. “The essence of music is the pallete of life, let’s paint with the many hues of the earth.”

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Peep Show


First World


Whisper To Me


Rush (Instr.)


Whisper To Me (Instr.)