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Bootlickerz EP

Bootlickerz EP
Bootlickerz EPBootlickerz EP






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 1, 2023

After a run of highly sought after V/A releases, Fragments Of Reality, curated by Luther Vine, comes of age with its first solo artist EP courtesy of Snad.

Shyam Anand aka Snad is a hot house producer based in Berlin whose quickly racked up a host of respected output for Chicago’s Kimochi Records, Chez Damier’s Courtesy of Balance and Tristan Da Cunha & Brawther’s Dungeon Meat imprint. Snad produces stripped back Chicago house tracks punctuated by heavily swung drums and staccato synths.

There is indeed inspiration behind the beats from Chez Damier & Ron Trent’s classic Prescription Underground days but Snad oozes originality and effortless creates music for modern dance floors full of energy, bounce and groove.

A1 ’Bootlickerz’ takes the lead spot as a fully firing techno workout with relentless drum programming that has shows Snads calibre with finesse and inventiveness to please the most discerning ear while rocking the spot. ‘Gubernatorial Candidacy’ then packs bags of positivity and energy onto the vinyl as a swinging hypnotic workout that fuses pedigree sounds with a slamming arrangement.

Flip your wax and get a fill of Per Savour. The depth here is immense and the dazzling roll of events is littered with abundance of micro sounds that tantalate all who have come under the spell of the track’s mighty groove. The record is beautifully finished with But Heads, a wonderful nod of respect to Berlin’s after hours scene, the track whips up an elegant, enigmatic sound with laters of deep pads, dreamy chords, and brazen drum programming.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Goobernatorial Candidacy


Per Savour


Butt Heads

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