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Lectroniq Love Affair

Lectroniq Love Affair
Lectroniq Love AffairLectroniq Love Affair






1x Vinyl 12" EP Stereo



Release date

Jul 27, 2023

Merriware presents “Lectroniq Love Affair” - A split EP from the members of Australian dance music group @menage.official and the fifth release from Naarm/ Melbourne based imprint Merriware.

Dashiell, Sam Brickel and Eugene Pascal each offer up a track of their own solo material as well as a collaborative remix of the title track, giving an insight to their individual production styles and their sensibilities when working together.

The A1 “Lectroniq Love Affair” is unapologetic, no frills club music, with a vocoded hook taunting throughout and a bassline you wouldn’t tell your mum about! Following this, the A2 entry from @animalialabel and Steeplejack alumni Sam Brickel “Vespene Dreams” is a heady mix of pinnacle late 90’s UK house with the sound palette of modern breaks. A real deep burner for the heads!

On the flip, things get stripped down for the B1, A Ménage Remix of the title track. Vocals peppered in the background as a chorus drenched acid line drives deep! Think Zip on the DC10 terrace and you’re getting there! Rounding it out, Eugene Pascal’s B2 offering “Late Night” is a delicate breakbeat mediation, with multiple synth lines converging to create a harmonic bed perfect for those sessions late into the morning hours.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Dashiell - Lectroniq Love Affair


Sam Brickel - Vespene Dreams


Dashiell - Lectroniq Love Affair (Ménage Remix)


Eugene Pascal - Late Night

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