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DJ Bone



DJ Bone




3x Vinyl LP



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Oct 9, 2023

After a 5 year hiatus, DJ Bone at last returns to his Subject Detroit label one final time, with new album FURTHER, the final chapter not just of his Beyond album trilogy, but of the 25 year history of Subject Detroit itself. As the final new release from DJ Bone on the label he started in 1998, FURTHER opens the door to a new era which will launch later this year with a new imprint of the same name.

Named for the event series that began in DJ Bone’s adopted home city of Amsterdam in 2020, FURTHER is both a continuation of the preceding 2018-released entries in the trilogy (‘A Piece of Beyond’ and ‘Beyond’), and an indicator for what’s to come from DJ Bone in the future, described in his recent interview as DJ Mag cover star as a desire to make music that’s more futuristic, universal and experimental, and a resistance to letting others define him.

FURTHER is all of those things and more, both a distillation of what has made him one of Detroit’s most potent talents, as well as an artist constantly intent on evolving. All the classic DJ Bone elements are present across the album’s 12 tracks: real Detroit Techno, imbued as it always should be with elements of other genres, with deep, immersive grooves, pulsating basslines and tangible emotion.

Like the most beloved moments of DJ Bone’s 30+ years of hard work & dues-paying, the album is the product of creative catharsis: “I want to convey how I feel at times as a creative: like I’m in a room screaming, coming up with dope ideas and one of a kind moves… but the room I’m in is soundproof and has no windows.

“The only way to know or experience what’s in there is to go inside. The outside of the room is not shiny or fancy so it’s pretty much ignored. People stumble upon the room in their quest for something uniquely different. And once inside their minds are blown.”

That unleashing of artistic energy is what drives FURTHER and will define what comes next from the label & events curated by DJ Bone under the name, committing to what Bone calls his “eccentric ideals, risky maneuvers, experiments and hopefulness for things to come.”

“FURTHER is the vessel for my true autonomy”, continues Bone. “Whenever you say FURTHER, it doesn’t stop. It never stops.”

While Subject Detroit will no longer be the platform on which new DJ Bone music will arrive, the launch of FURTHER is far from the last we’ll hear of the label. With the back catalogue added to streaming platforms for the first time in 2022, the label will continue to present DJ Bone’s past work to new audiences through represses & remasters of classic releases, starting this year with SUB001, DJ Bone’s ‘Unleashed’ EP.

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