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Mr Raoul K
The Balafon Teachers

The Balafon Teachers
The Balafon TeachersThe Balafon Teachers




1x Vinyl 12" Single Sided



Release date

Jun 1, 2011

This time Mr Raoul K not only wants you to dance - he wants you to go crazy on the dancefloor. In his well known way he crafts a relentless groover that sends everyone on the floor into the higher state of concsciousness called trance. He layers track upon track and builds a solid grooving base.... for the Balafon. A handmade percussion instrument not unlike a Marimba that gives Guinean music its characteristic flavor. The vocal loop on top draws you deep into the vortex of nested percussion, african melodies und thick baselines. Thistrack will never let you go - like Moebius' Band. Its main theme will stay in your head for a very long time. It will shake your hips after you left the dancefloor. And it will escort you on your way home after you've left the club. Maybe it even serves as a lullaby after a long night out.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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The Balafon Teachers