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Various - Discomoda Salsa 1964 ★ 1977 | Olindo (INF-003) - 1Various - Discomoda Salsa 1964 ★ 1977 | Olindo (INF-003) - 2Various - Discomoda Salsa 1964 ★ 1977 | Olindo (INF-003) - 3


Discomoda Salsa 1964 ★ 1977

Olindo (INF-003)

2x Vinyl LP Compilation

Release date: Feb 15, 2024, UK

Olindo Records and Música Infinita proudly introduce 'Discomoda Salsa de Venezuela 1964​-​1977,' a compilation that brings together some of the most electrifying salsa tracks from the trailblazing Venezuelan record label, Discomoda. Curated by Olindo co-founder Miguel Colmenares, the compilation reunites many of Venezuela’s most influential artists from the 60s and 70s, including Ray Perez’ Los Kenya, Los Satélites, and Los Megatones de Lucho.

Founded in 1948 by César Roldán, Discomoda stands as one of Venezuela's earliest record labels and holds the distinction of being the oldest family-operated label in the country. Boasting one of the most comprehensive collections of folkloric and popular music in Venezuela, the label also invested heavily in the Afro-Caribbean and tropical rhythms that gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s.

During the 1960s, before the salsa era gained full momentum, Venezuela experienced a notable dance orchestra and big band movement. In contrast to local record competitors focused on promoting foreign productions, Discomoda secured its leading position by recording the most significant national bands. This included renowned groups such as Los Megatones de Lucho, Orquesta Sonoramica, and Super Combo Los Tropicales, all of whom are featured in this compilation.

Subsequently, surrounding the festivities for the 400th anniversary of Caracas in 1967, the word "salsa", which had been recently coined by famed radio host Phidias Danilo Escalona, was officially adopted to denote the the Afro-Caribbean musical style gaining widespread popularity in Venezuela and beyond. By this time, Venezuela had ascended to the ranks of the top 20 global music markets, with the local label Discomoda at the forefront, responsible for one in every five records sold in the country.

As the city prepared for the extended celebrations commemorating its 400-year history, Discomoda and other record labels seized the opportunity to embrace this emerging musical style. They invested in a blend of established and up-and-coming local bands, such as Nelson y sus Estrellas, Los Kenya, Príncipe y su Sexteto, and Los Satélites. Consequently, this heralded the beginning of what could be termed a golden era of salsa in Venezuela, a period that persisted until the mid-70s.

Approaching the 1980s, as new musical styles surfaced and larger multinational record labels backed by substantial resources came into play, many of the once-popular bands began to disband or opted to relocate outside the country. However, a handful of artists, including Rodrigo Mendoza, La Renovación, and Grupo Yakambu, persevered in delivering high-quality music.

Olindo Records and Música Infinita are delighted and honoured to commemorate one of Venezuela's and, equally, Latin America's most significant record labels, and to offer a glimpse of their enduring influence in promoting salsa music made in Venezuela.

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Lija (1977)


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Corta El Bonche (1973) (*)


Si Eres Tu (1977)