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Mr Raoul K
Moment Psychedelik

Moment Psychedelik
Moment PsychedelikMoment Psychedelik




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Promo White Label



Release date

Jan 1, 2009

Moment Psychedelik - it's all said in the title, actually. It is easy to get lost in all those layers of mesmerizing sounds, swirling around you like bubbles sparkling out of a well shaken bottle. Just before you lose it all, the kickdrum comes in to lead you to a winding path.... upon glistering plains, through some dry land into a multicoloured jungle, populated with all kinds of textures and sounds. Enter the next level - like the title suggests. The flipside utilises a more pronounced guide: Mr Talking Drum himself will show you how to find the clearing of enlightenment where your heart gets filled with joy and your feet can't stop dancing.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Moment Psychedelik (Original Mix)



Moment Psychedelik (Gongon Mix)


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Moroccan Jajouka master Bachir Attar meets American experimental musician Elliot Shrap for a live jam of drum machines and traditional Moroccan instruments in 1990. Bachir Attar's Career spans five decades and represents the transcendental sounds of Jajouka, a small Moroccan village situated between Fes and Tangier, known for its unique mystical sound. Fans include William Burroughs and The Rolling Stones with which Bachir recorded with in 1989. A year later Attar collaborated with the prolific avant-garde jazz musician Elliot Sharp on this very Album. Both Sharp and Attar have dedicated their careers to exploring the meeting points between east and west and this album is a unique example of two brilliant minds creating a new, ultra trippy sonic experience.This release is a first collaboration between Fortuna Records and our friends Dikraphone Records out of Morocco, serious unearthers of lost Moroccan music. Look out for more Dikraphone-Fortuna collaborations in the future!
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